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HALO Gonseen

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HALO Gonseen
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HALO Gonseen
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Modern life exposes us to a large number of toxins, which cause an overload of body cleansing systems.

The accumulation of toxins in the body leads to metabolic disorders, fatigue and lack of energy, provoking ailments and diseases, as well as accelerating the aging process.

The active substance of the olive leaves contained in Gonsin cleanses the body. Olive leaf extract has long been used for healing due to the antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiviral effect of the active substance contained in them - oleuropein (Oleuropein).

Studies have shown that oleurupein stimulates the body's internal cleansing and improves metabolism, helping to regulate blood pressure and balance the level of sugar and cholesterol such as LDL ("bad" cholesterol).

Main ingredients: Halo Complex ™, olive tree leaves, Paraguayan holly, lemon balm, chrysanthemum, calendula, Dead Sea salt

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