Dr. Nona: vital force for our health and beauty from the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Located between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea lives up to its name: its salinity is 25 percent higher than the rest of the oceans. In this inhospitable environment for the development of life, Dr. Nona Kuchina, researcher and physicist, discovered a microorganism rich in proteins and developed a formula that transforms natural cosmetics: the Hallo Complex.

In the depths of an inhospitable ocean, whose cocktail of components - sodium, potassium, sulfates and carbons; among others, they make the development of biodiversity impossible, they have resisted some special microorganisms that had to adapt to these particular conditions of existence.

There, from the bottom of the Dead Sea, Dr Nona discovered Halobacterium, a microorganism that, to survive in an infertile and sterile environment, accumulates inside an extraordinary amount of proteins, amino fluids and antioxidants. How can this ancient bacterium improve our health and enhance our beauty?

This is Dr. Nona's triggering question, a novel line of beauty. From the regenerative and healing properties of Halobacterium, Dr Nona synthesized the Hallo Complex: a protein pool that helps revitalize, protect, rejuvenate and energize the skin, revolutionizing the fight against aging.

The exclusive line of natural cosmetics Dr Nona has specific products for the face, body, hair and general well-being; they all include this wonderful discovery: the Hallo Complex. Its unique formula slows skin aging, protects it from environmental damage and pollution and, as a result, our skin will look fresher, younger and more relaxed.

The Dr Nona natural cosmetic line is exclusively developed and designed exalting the medicinal properties of the Dead Sea. The healing and regenerative power of its salts and microorganisms are combined in each product of this line, with technology applied to the search for specific and healthy solutions for skin care and regeneration.

All Dr. Nona natural cosmetic products are paraben-free, hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive skin. From their factory located in Israel they develop products that are distributed in all parts of the globe and that today can reach you.

Within the Dr Nona natural cosmetic line, you can find specific products for the treatment of acne and cellulite, moisturizers, an exclusive anti-aging line, products specifically formulated for cleaning the face, repairing and regenerating hair treatments, and even supplements Exclusive to combat specific problems such as hair loss, arthritis and constipation.

We suggest you discover its conditioners formulated exclusively for hair regeneration, body lotions that will not only soften your skin but will help to heal and reduce stretch marks, regenerative masks, bath gels and antioxidant supplements formulated from the rich coenzyme Q10, creams for hands and nails and moisturizers based on Vitamin C.

Thus, thanks to the combination of science and nature, the world Dr Nona is positioned as a revolution in personal care and beauty treatments.