Allies to combat aging, enhancers of our internal beauty and immune system boosters: a green juice every morning helps not only to lose weight but also to maintain shiny skin on the outside and hydrated on the inside.

Within the trends of conscious and healthy eating, green juices are gaining more and more followers. No wonder, its slimming, detoxifying and rejuvenating properties put them on the podium for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Incorporating this healthy habit into your daily beauty routine will help you, among other things, to combat fluid retention, reduce inflammation, maintain optimal liver and kidney health, prevent premature aging and strengthen the immune system.

  1. Green juices have an alkaline effect on our blood, therefore, they regulate our PH helping us to combat common diseases, such as the flu, and to minimize the effect of chronic diseases.
  2. They are rich in fibers, support the function of metabolism and help us lose weight. But, in addition, they are an ideal complement to improve the health and appearance of the skin for the 5 reasons that we tell you below:
  3. Green juices are smoothies made mainly from vegetables. Its liquid condition allows us to quickly and easily absorb its high concentration of nutrients, essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.
  4. They are a homemade detox. They enhance the purifying capacity of our body, facilitating the elimination of toxins and cleaning impurities from the inside. By taking them daily, we will be incorporating a large amount of vitamins and minerals that we do not normally consume, since the vegetables are tender, and therefore, with all their healing power.
  5. They help rejuvenate. They are excellent for aged, dull and tired skin. These shakes have the ability to nourish and repair our skin, providing a high water content to our body.

The large amount of antioxidants they contain allow us to regenerate our cells. This has a direct impact on the health of our skin and its appearance, which is directly related to our diet. Choosing raw foods, which are a source of life, hydrates and nourishes us from the inside out.

They are a perfect ally to your beauty products. A single glass of one of these juices provides significant amounts of vitamins A, C and K; These increase the production of collagen, promote detoxification, scarring and protect the skin from the effects of the sun.

It is best to drink the green juice on an empty stomach and in the morning. This will enhance and maximize all its benefits. They are very easy to prepare, we suggest this simple recipe that you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine:


  • 1 Celery with stalk and leaves
  • 1 or 2 green apples
  • 1/2 zucchini
  • 1/2 cucumber

Place all the elements in a blender or processor with the desired amount of water. Blend all the ingredients until they are integrated. Once liquefied, it can be strained to remove the fiber or take them with fiber. If you have a juicer juicer, you can put all the ingredients there for her to do her job.

A healthy diet, rich in vegetables is an ideal and necessary complement for the care of our skin. Let's remember to nourish and hydrate ourselves not only on the outside but also on the inside.