"Real health is inner health."

This was stated by the famous Indian teacher and guru Osho. It can also be thought of as a synonym for our “healthy mind in a healthy body”. Improving our quality of life is an internal decision. It is never too late, here are some practical and easy tips to live a fuller and happier life.

Prana is a concept that comes from Hinduism. A Sanskrit word that can be translated as "vital energy". It is a concept analogous to Japanese Chi, Castilian Manna or Catalan Esma. All forms of the world of the material world are made of Prana, this subtle energy that allows and enables movement, determines life processes and sets the universe in motion.

Prana comes to us primarily through the elements of nature: the sun, air, and earth. Have you ever thought about the consequences for the vitality of someone who is locked up for months without being able to see the sunlight, or imbued for years in an environment where the air is toxic? Its vital energy languishes, it is lower. Prana, among other things, helps us to be in a good mood, to carry out our daily activities, to strengthen our immune system; a sad and depressed person is more likely to get sick.

We are a physical body, a psychic body and an energetic body. Our comprehensive health depends on being able to harmonize and balance all those planes. Therefore, here are three simple and practical tools to raise your prana (vital energy) and live a fuller life:

1. REST Good rest is one of the keys to raising our energy level. How do we feel when we sleep little or when we sleep poorly? Simple: irritable, grumpy, reluctant, apathetic. Rest is one of the keys to making our lives run more smoothly. Sleeping from 7 to 9 hours, disconnecting from everything we did during the day, is essential for the proper functioning of comprehensive health. To awaken and honor rest means that in that time we will dedicate ourselves only to rest. Many specialists strongly advise turning off the phone during sleep and avoiding the use of social networks and the internet in the moments before sleeping.

2. FOOD The intestine is an organ where 80% of our immune system is found. Many specialists speak of it as our "second brain". It is indisputable that food has a direct impact on our energy level. It is not the same as we feel after a light meal based on raw fruits and vegetables, that after a meal loaded with fats and meats; for example. Without demonizing any food, it is important to find a balance that allows us to optimize our vital energy. A good easy and simple tip: accompany all meals with a good portion of fresh and raw vegetables.

3. BREATHING Air is energy and therefore synonymous with life. Breathing is an unconscious mechanism through which our life is maintained. How long can I be without oxygen? Just a few minutes. So integrating the benefits of conscious breathing into our lives helps us keep our energy level high. Breathing is directly linked to our emotions, we do not breathe the same when we cry, as when we laugh or when we are sleeping. Conscious and complete breathing will help to better oxygenate our blood and quiet our thoughts. We recommend taking 10 minutes a day, closing your eyes, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, matching the inhalation time to the exhalation time (for example 5 times to inhale and 5 to exalhar). Surely, you will see changes and improvements immediately.

Practicing these 3 tips daily will help you enjoy full, balanced and vital health.