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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the human body but it cannot synthesize them.Therefore, they must be derived from food.However, sometimes people don’t obtain the recommended daily dose of fatty acids through their diet.Halo Ravseen contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical to your body, ..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that causes inflammation in one or more joints.Pain caused by arthritis can limit your ability to function and perform simple activities such as walking.Studies indicate that Devil’s claw herb might relieve the symptoms of arthritis and muscle and cartilage infl..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Most of the food that we consume in everyday life is heat-treated foods that adversely affect their nutritional value.A modern diet is often not able to provide enough of our body with all the nutrients it needs."Supsin" includes powder of prickly pear flowers, which, among other features, are chara..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Sinxing - weight loss without harm to health!The main ingredients of Sinsin:CLA - conjugated linoleic acid, a revolutionary tool for weight loss. We conducted clinical trials that compared the speed of volunteers taking CLA and not taking it. On the group taking linoleic acid - lose weight faster! T..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Good sleep is essential for health: physical, mental, and cognitive. In recent years, sleep disturbance has become quite common throughout the world. According to some estimates, most people at some stage suffer from insomnia.Yamsin contains poppy samoseyka, which is known as a natural sleeping pill..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
The cream provides a solution for dry hands and weak nails. The cream supplies hands and nails with moisture and protects them from dryness, cracks and other injuries.The cream is absorbed quickly and also strengthens nails over time. Halo Hand and Nail Cream contains rosemary oil, which is co..
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Night Cream
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Cell skin rejuvenation is at peak during the night hours.Night cream is formulated specifically to be active during those hours; it contributes to the renewal of Elastin and Collagen fibers, which are responsible for your skin firmness and elasticity.Elastin and Collagen reduce existing wrinkles and..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
A magic set for women who look after themselves and never surrender to age!The first premium cosmetics developed for business ladies!The set includes three products: Halo Eye Repair CreamA regenerating cream for the skin around the eyes, which contains unique active ingredients that soothe, moi..
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