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Anti-Aging Serum
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Brand: Dr. Nona
This cosmetic product has a high content of biologically active compounds.The serum helps to:slow down skin agingsoften the skincombat free radicalsand what’s most important: it helps other products, like the “Dynamic” cream, penetrate the facial skin faster.Smoothes, freshens and moisturi..
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Body Gel HALO
New 3-5 Working Days Availability
Dead sea wet towels
New 3-5 Working Days Availability
Brand: Dr. Nona
Las compresas contienen agua de Mar Muerto lo que les hace un antiséptico perfecto. Especialmente son muy actuales durante los viajes. Estas compresas son una forma rápida y eficaz de curar tales daños en la piel como cortes, heridas, quemaduras y muchos más...
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Eye contour balm
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Brand: Dr. Nona
The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive.Halo Eye Care Balm helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.Upon application, the skin around the eyes is immediately moisturized, visibly plumped and revitalized.In addition, it is an ideal cream for people who in..
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Facial Solaris
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Brand: Dr. Nona
The cream is a fantastic source of vitamin A, which slows down the aging process of the skin.Exclusive Halo Complex™ formula allows keeping the natural characteristics of the vitamin A for a long time.This multi-purpose moisturizer creates Collagen and Elastin fibers that assist in smoothing out the..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
The dream of any parent is for his child to eat healthy, healthy foods rich in vitamins in the morning. The lack of time for modern parents limits the menu of our children to sandwiches or quick snacks, which does not meet the needs of a growing organism.The rich chocolate flavor and the high conten..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Metabolism is an essential process which includes the conversion of food to energy and to the building blocks of the human body.Halo Cleanseen contains Anise which was used in ancient times to relieve digestion problems; the Romans used to eat cakes with Anise in order to help the digestive system a..
Ex Tax:48.60€
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