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HALO Mineral Lipstick
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Our Halo Mineral Lipstick provides protection to your lips. It gives your lips a healthy and glamorous look. When applying a light layer of the lipstick, it enriches the lips with moisture and gives them a soft silky feeling. Our lipstick protects the lips against cracks with weather change..
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Brand: Dr. Nona
The cream provides a solution for dry hands and weak nails. The cream supplies hands and nails with moisture and protects them from dryness, cracks and other injuries.The cream is absorbed quickly and also strengthens nails over time. Halo Hand and Nail Cream contains rosemary oil, which is co..
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Night Cream
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Brand: Dr. Nona
Cell skin rejuvenation is at peak during the night hours.Night cream is formulated specifically to be active during those hours; it contributes to the renewal of Elastin and Collagen fibers, which are responsible for your skin firmness and elasticity.Elastin and Collagen reduce existing wrinkles and..
Ex Tax:43.30€
Brand: Dr. Nona
Shea butter is very rich and thick. It contains extract from the seed of the shea fruit found on the tropical Butyrospermum Parkii tree in Africa.The shea butter includes triglycerides, which moisturize and protect the skin from adverse external effects, and unsaponifiables, which have regenerative ..
Ex Tax:41.60€
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